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Military Children’s Collaborative Group created these toolkits for schools to address the need to raise awareness and assist with ideas on how to support their students connected to the military. We began building a working relationship in 2012 with the Orange County Department of Education. Through discussion of schools’ concerns and challenges, we discovered that educators desired to learn about the unique needs military connected kids, and needed to know how and what they can do for support.

Toolkits for Schools Help Raise Awareness

One of MCCG’s first efforts focused on raising awareness of the unique needs of military children impacted by the military lifestyle, and to position schools to better address those needs by knowing know who is military connected in their schools.

How Schools Can Use Our Toolkits

We took the idea further, and with the Orange County Department of Education, developed a toolkit for a school Principal to have an assembly to recognize the military child during April the Month of the Military Child. The toolkit can be used for other military holidays such as Memorial Day, Veterans day and November Military Family Appreciation month. to honor and show appreciation for our military’s service members

What the Toolkits for School Aged Military Children Include

The toolkits for schools includes a letter of intent, letter to a military family, and a prewritten Principal’s speech that is helpful for those unfamiliar with military life. There is also a “Recognition for Silently Serving Our Country” certificate that can be personalized, to present to each military child at the assembly.

April: Month of the Military Child

The Federal government created an initiative proclaiming April the Month of the Military Child. Many states have joined in to honor the military children and recognize the entire month of April as the Month of the Military Child, during which many of their schools have a celebration. MCCG works to increase efforts in California to celebrate and recognize April the Month of the Military Child through local and state official proclamations, expand the number of schools opting in to celebrate, and engage community support.

In addition to toolkits, MCCG has developed a Resource Guide for schools for reference for resources and services available. You may download these rescources here.

This PowerPoint was presented in a live webinar on August 23, 2017 for Schools. Presented by Debbie Nichols and Gregory Leskin PhD

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Our Toolkit Downloads for Schools

Salute the Kids Toolkit (School Principal's Toolkit)
This toolkit is designed for a school Principal to create an assembly to recognize the student connected to the military. Included in the toolkit is a Principal’s speech writing specially for those unfamiliar with military life, invitation and “Recognition for Silently Serving our Country” certificate which can be personalized. Written by Military Children’s Collaborative Group and the Orange County Department of Education.

NOTE: Because this toolkit contains three unique documents, it has been bundled into a .zip (compressed) file so you can get all three documents within a single download. Just save the .zip file to your desktop and then double click to open the file. Your computer's operating system should be able to decompress this file for you without any additional effort.

Download This Toolkit

Increase Awareness Toolkit
This tool kit provides guidance for School leaders on meeting the unique educational needs of children whose parents are deployed or in transition. Written by American Association of School Administrators.

Download This Toolkit

Staying Strong Classroom Toolkit
This toolkit offers activities to build resilience in a child in a classroom setting. Written by Red Sox Foundation and the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Download This Toolkit

School Nurse Tookit
To Increase Awareness and Support to Military Children. This toolkit includes ways to better understand what a military connected child can experience and ways to support. Written by Red Sox Foundation and the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Download This Toolkit

Military Childrens Collaborative Group Programs

Count Military Connected Kids

Count Our Kids

Our program is to engage states & counties to provide basic tools to facilitate voluntary child identification with the education & healthcare data systems.

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Military Boy Saluting

Salute Our Kids

Our program is designed to acknowledge military-connected children for silently serving our Country in our schools and in our communities.

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Military Teenager

MilTeenChat App

The MilTeenChat App is designed to help military teens gain coping skills, socially connect with other military teens, offer peer-to-peer support, and more.

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Scouting Patch

Scouting Patch

MCCG developed this meaningful program for the Boy Scouts of America with children in Scouting, empowering Scouts to help support military families.

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Courage Coin Initiative

Courage Coin Initiative

Military Children's Collaborative Children’s Courage Coin was designed to honor military kids for their silent service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions you may have about the Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Toolkits for Schools.

Military connected children are proud of their loved one serving our Country. However, the child serves too! They support their loved one thru deployments, separations, reintegration and separating from military service.

On military holidays create a Hero’s Wall. Have military kids place a picture of their parent in uniform.

Have your Principal download our Toolkit for a school assembly.

Personally, thank the child for their silent service.

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