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How Your Community Can Help Honor Military Children

Toolkits for April the Month of the Military Child

In 2013, to help salute our kids connected with the military, we created the first April Month of the Military Proclamation Ceremony event. We bring a community together to acknowledge and honor military children, encouraging children to share their personal stories. We invite Federal, State, Local agencies and officials, nonprofits, organizations, child advocates, and military families to participate.

With our collaborative partners, we provide a special program which includes food, entertainment, ceremony presentation to each child of a MCCG’s “Recognition for Serving Our Country” certificate and “MCCG’s Childrens Courage Coin” presented in a military manner to each child.

Local school children offer entertainment, military children guest speakers share their personal experiences and offering support to others in the audience as part of our Salute our Kids programs. Each military child is called up and recognized for their personal sacrifices, bravery, continued support to their loved one serving a military obligation, and continued patriotic pride. This event brings greater awareness and support from the community for the sacrifice and silent service of military children.

Salute Our Kids: Toolkits for School Recognition Ceremonies

Since 2012, MCCG and the Orange County Department of Education together developed a template for military students to self-identify –Active Duty, Guard, Reserves and Veteran on school forms. We created a Resource Guide for Orange County schools, listing service providers’ programs and services available for military children and their families.

We provide on our website a complimentary Principal’s Assembly Toolkit for April the Month of the Military Child for school principals for everything they need to produce an assembly to recognize military children in April, the Month of the Military Child. The toolkit offers an overview, letter of support, principal invitation to an assembly and explanation to military families, principal’s speech, and a MCCG’s “Recognition for Serving Our Country” certificate which can be personalized for presentation to the military child.

We educate schools on the unique needs of military children, minimizing educator’s mislabeling the child’s behavior in school, due to home life impacting a child emotional well being in school. We speak annually at the Department of Education School District and counselor meetings, offering updates and potential federal funding opportunities.

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Military Childrens Collaborative Group Programs

Count Military Connected Kids

Count Our Kids

Our program is to engage states & counties to provide basic tools to facilitate voluntary child identification with the education & healthcare data systems.

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Military Boy Saluting

Salute Our Kids

Our program is designed to acknowledge military-connected children for silently serving our Country in our schools and in our communities.

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Military Teenager

MilTeenChat App

The MilTeenChat App is designed to help military teens gain coping skills, socially connect with other military teens, offer peer-to-peer support, and more.

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Scouting Patch

Scouting Patch

MCCG developed this meaningful program for the Boy Scouts of America with children in Scouting, empowering Scouts to help support military families.

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Courage Coin Initiative

Courage Coin Initiative

Military Children's Collaborative Children’s Courage Coin was designed to honor military kids for their silent service.

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The Facts About Our System and Military Connected Children

Here at the Military Childrens Collaborative Group, we have several programs to provide assistance for children of those who serve in our armed forces. Each of these programs is designed to educate and support all children with loved ones serving our country. This includes those chidren who have parents or siblings on active duty, in the National Guard or Reserve, as well as children of military veterans.

Military Kids in a Classroom

Approximately 1.7 million military connected children are enrolled in our schools.

Very few teachers, counselors, or administrators have been trained on how military life can impact the child’s well-being and their success in school.

Two million children have experienced the deployment of a parent/guardian. Most of these children have experienced multiple deployments.

The Department of Defense and US Education have no method or system in place to identify where these children are enrolled in schools and exactly how many children are involved.

Most school districts nationally do not have student enrollment forms with questions requesting information on parents/guardian’s present military status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions you may have about the Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Salute Our Kids program.

April is the Month of the Military Child. We have a toolkit for your Principal to create an Assembly and recognize the students connected to the military. The toolkit includes an invitation, Principal’s speech, and the all branch MCCG “Recognition for Silently Serving our County Certificate” that can be personalized and presented to the student.

Any children’s organization can participate in showing their appreciation in April, or May for Memorial Day, November Veterans’ Day and Military Family Appreciation Month.

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