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Military Childrens Collaborative Group

Over the years, the media has been very interested in how military families have coped with the longest conflict in our history. Today’s children connected to the military face many different challenges than in past years. Children born since 2001 have never know what life is like without war.

Because our military service is now voluntary, most service members planned on making a career in the military. That meant the service member would marry, having children while they were serving their military obligation. Most military connected kids experience living on a military base installation and/or living in a local community. Living on a military installation is very different than living in a civilian community. You are surrounded by others experiencing the same challenges you do. Living in a local community don’t have the support a military base offers. Communities want to support those serving the military, but do not know how to support military children and families.

We began engaging military children, encouraging them to speak out, sharing their experiences so others can better understand. These children would share their personal stories at our event gatherings, and enjoyed speaking, offering encouragement and support to other military kids. The experiences they shared helped raise awareness so that others could understand what it’s like living a military life. This also helped provide peer support to other military connected children.

If you are a media outlet and would like to interview us or receive more information about MCCG and what we do, you can contact us directly or use our contact form. Our Media One Sheet can be downloaded for your reference. We are always happy to give interviews and provide information about our efforts to help improve the lives of military connected children.

We have included Press releases from our early stages of advocating, collaborating with other nonprofits, working with other organizations on specific projects, to recent releases announcing our efforts and initiatives.

Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Press Releases


Over the past 12 years, 2 million military connected children have experienced their loved one returning from a deployment(s), with little to no support.


The 3rd Annual Orange County Veterans Collaborative Family & Childrens Group and Military Childrens Collaborative Group (MCCG) is presenting the Orange County Month of the Military Child by recognizing the children connected to the military.


Historical moment for the State of California, Los Angles City Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office Proclaims- April Military Child Month!


The Orange County Veterans and Military Families Collaborative (OCVMFC), Children & Families Working Group is hosting the 3rd Annual Month of the Military Child Ceremony and Celebration.

Military Childrens Collaborative Group Programs

Count Military Connected Kids

Count Our Kids

Our program is to engage states & counties to provide basic tools to facilitate voluntary child identification with the education & healthcare data systems.

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Military Boy Saluting

Salute Our Kids

Our program is designed to acknowledge military-connected children for silently serving our Country in our schools and in our communities.

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Military Teenager

MilTeenChat App

The MilTeenChat App is designed to help military teens gain coping skills, socially connect with other military teens, offer peer-to-peer support, and more.

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Scouting Patch

Scouting Patch

MCCG developed this meaningful program for the Boy Scouts of America with children in Scouting, empowering Scouts to help support military families.

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Courage Coin Initiative

Courage Coin Initiative

Military Children's Collaborative Children’s Courage Coin was designed to honor military kids for their silent service.

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