Because of their parents' occupation, military kids can end up with a far more disrupted childhood than other children. Prolonged separation from a parent, the pressures on the remaining parent when the other is on active service and frequent relocation due to parental work commitments can all combine to create a stressful environment in which to grow up. That's why it's so important to support military kids to overcome the issues their parents' service may bring.

We Support Military Child Care Assistance

As part of our mission to raise awareness of the issues which military children can face, we have a number of different initiatives running. From working to ensure military children have an identifier on their health care and school records so that additional support can be put in place if required through to the Milteenchat App and the Scouting Patch program, we are constantly thinking of ways to help military kids.

Military Child Care Programs

Once a school or healthcare setting is aware that a child experiencing problems has a military connection, it becomes much easier to access appropriate federal or charitable support to assist them. It also enables teachers, primary practitioners and others to understand that tensions at home may be due to deployment or other variables connected with a parent's military work. We want to help military teens and kids access any and every assistance that's available to them, enabling them to live as full and happy a life as possible.

Military Child Care Assistance Program

We are an enterprise that's focused on giving every child with a military connection the tools they need to thrive. Whether they have parents on active service, have lost a parent in action or have a parent who's in the reserves, we will try to ensure they aren't left without the support that's required. To find out more, call us at (714) 536-6184.

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