Newsletter | Summer 2018

MilTeenChat App for teens to access support and connect with each other

Working together in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and military teens, we developed MilTeenChat app – created exclusively for military connected teens 13-17 yrs. old only! The safe, secure app network enables teens to access support articles addressing their needs. They can post pictures, share comments, engage and support with their peers. The app has a built-in censorship if negative language or emojis are used. Pre-registration and parental permission are required. If at-risk words are used, parents are immediately notified with a support 800 number to call. To view a demo of the app’s features, go to

MCCG has been working hard this year on the launch and promotion of this groundbreaking initiative, made possible through collaborative partnerships and your support.

Efforts have focused on contacting all the military branches, government agencies and children’s organizations, and offering MilTeenChat webinars. Military branches are lending their support by recruiting and encouraging military teens to use the app. A new benefit and feature being developed is to incorporate an incentive program to reward teens that demonstrate support for other users on the app by offering future leadership scholarships.

MCCG supported the promotion of the app with the creation and production of marketing materials, including flyers, PR releases, wrist bands. JH3Productions created a 6-minute video, to deploy on MCCG, MilteenChat, University of Pittsburgh, Pt Pal websites and social media platforms.

MCCG Networking efforts and outreach to promote MilTeenChat app

  • Family Support Army Reserve & National Guard
  • Navy School Liaisons and Child & Youth leaders nationally including Headquarters. Navy Headquarters wants to pilot the MilTeenChat App implementation, and was impressed with the app’s features and security measures.
  • Dept of Defense Education discussed what organizations and how to support the App on a conference call, and recommended MilTeenChat app to Military One Source, a resource list provider to military families.

Caption for photo of app Profile page:

The profile page allows teens to see posts, write about their likes, favorites, challenges, offer tips for friends, find friends with common interests and support other with similar experiences. They can collect coins as rewards as they use the App.