Newsletter | Q1 2019

Our New Year has started out with a bang! Military Childrens Collaborative Group started a national movement educating communities on the needs of military connected children. We are experiencing an increased interest level of how to support the needs of military children in schools, children’s organizations, and the communities they live in.

We offer at no cost our newly updated Military Child Resource Guide, available on our website listed under Resources. This guide lists services and programs designed to support military children.

Did you know that in the Orange County Department of Education, 26 school districts offer a school volunteer military liaison to help support military connected children enrolled in school? The volunteer military liaison can be a social worker familiar with military culture and life style or an administrator who lived a military life at one time. Their knowledge and experience make them uniquely qualified to assist the student and their military family.

Why is this so important? Military children move 6-9 times, experience lengthy separation and family dynamics can change overnight. Research has proven a military child’s academics can be affected. Moving to a new school can be very stressful for a military child, even though they move often, one never gets used to leaving friends, classmates, after school activities and favorite teachers.

Military children may need additional support when a parent is away for a lengthy time. Many children experience their grades dropping when they parent is away. Children don’t deliberately perform poorly in school, but have difficulty concentrating on their school work.

On occasion, Military Childrens Collaborative Group has been contacted by servicemember and their spouse for guidance and support meeting with School Superintendents and needing a military advocate to help support the military family.  A volunteer school military liaison can help navigate the family and provide support. If you live within Orange County, you can contact your local school district and request a school district military liaison.

We encourage school districts to organize their own volunteer military liaisons to support military children. Help us spread the word to additional school districts outside of Orange County, California by donating –