Newsletter | Nov 2014

We at MCCG are so thankful for all those supporting our efforts to improve the lives of children connected to the military.

Working with Boy Scouts to Support Military Kids

We collaborated with the Orange County Council of the Boy Scouts of America (OCSBA) to provide a first of its kind a webinar. This webinar is designed especially for Scout leaders to teach them about the unique lifestyle of military life on a child. OCBSA will offer this webinar on their website for training purposes for Scout Leaders and will also offer a new patch- “Proud to Support Military Kids”.

This webinar shows how to support all children connected to the military including Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, Veterans and Fallen. Included in the presentation were the different military stages children can experience such as frequent moves, separations due to training and deployments, reintegration and transitioning out of military service along with showing the impact on military kids.

No matter what military kids face, they are proud of their loved one(s) military service to our country. That is why we should be acknowledging the children connected to the military because they are also serving our Country!

If you know a Scout Leader, tell them about the webinar and the new Proud to Support Military Kids patch.  We will be supporting the Scouts leaders and hope to offer additional webinar trainings throughout the year for the Boy Scouts.

We would also like to thank the OCCBSA for taking the first steps to acknowledging military kids in Orange County and learning how to better support them.