Newsletter | Spring 2017

On Friday, March 3, Debbie Nichols of Military Childrens Collaborative Group (MCCG) will speak at the Orange County Department of Education School Districts Quarterly meeting in Costa Mesa. There will be 150 – 300 attendees representing the 26 School Districts in Orange County. Nichols will update the Districts on the continued efforts being made in Orange County to support the children connected to the military:

  • MCCG’s and Senator Janet Nguyen’s letter requesting all Orange County School Superintendents expansion of their military connected student identifier school form.
  • Review the 2017 Federal mandate requiring military connection student identifier and the potential funding for schools
  • Update on MCCG’s webinar “How to Support Military Kids in Your School”, providing awareness on the needs of military connected children and new resources available. Webinar presentation will be in Spring of 2017.
  • Launch of the first APP developed for Military Teens
  • Upcoming celebrations for April the Month of the Military Child