Newsletter | Fall 2013

MCCG is working with other Collaboratives

Debbie Nichols serves on the Board of the USC Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative as Co-Chair of the Families & Children Group. The group has developed an Awareness letter for military connected children. The Awareness letter will be presented to Los Angeles County Healthcare/ Pediatrics to bring awareness of the needs of the military connected children and the large number of returning 500,000 Veterans to California. The group has begun to educate additional LA County agencies on the child’s needs and resources available to support the child.

Bringing Awareness to the Community

MCCG has recognized the need for an Awareness video sharing the needs of military connected children when their loved one’s returns home.  MCCG focuses on a wide range of children with loved ones of- Active Duty, Non Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, those exiting military service, Veterans and loved ones that have lost their life while serving our County.

MCCG feels with an estimated 500,000 returning Veterans returning to California, the public needs to become more aware of the challenges those children face reuniting back with their loved ones. The Awareness video will provide a better understanding of how challenging it is uniting with a returning loved one.

MCCG’s will share the Awareness video on their website and on UTube. And will begin an Awareness campaign in October, hoping to better educate the public. Watch for our upcoming special announcement!

In the News!

The Orange County Register interviewed Debbie Nichols to find out how she came about starting a nonprofit for the military connected children.  In the interview Debbie shared with the Jenny Sokol, Orange County Register reporter, the past journey her and her husband lived through during their US Air Force daughter’s 2008 deployment to Afghanistan.  She explains during that time caregiving their granddaughters she became aware of the lack of support in our schools and community, for military connected children. She went on to explain how today she currently supports her daughter’s family by living in Arizona, while her daughter is on a one year assignment in Korea. Debbie explains how military connected children are impacted throughout their loved one’s entire military career and into civilian life. She believes our communities want to support these military connected children and families, but they don’t know how.