Courage Coin Initiative | A Program to Honor Military Connected Children

Child holding Courage Coin Initiative coin

Military Childrens Collaborative Children’s Courage Coin was designed by military kids to honor military kids for their silent service. The coin resonates with military kids, as they are honored for their sacrifices and service to our country in a deeply meaningful manner, unique to military culture.

Military children understand the significance of challenge coins, having observed their own parent/ guardian receiving recognition for a job well done. All military branches and their units have their own unique design coin. Every military command presents their own unique challenge coin, in a secret military hand shake to a service member. The coin is a symbol of honor and respect, presented in recognition to the service member for going beyond the call of duty, facing extreme adversity, or providing a favor. While serving a military obligation, a service member can receive numerous coins throughout their career. Service members often display their coins at home, or in their office.

Military children are serving our country every day. We wanted the children to know how much we appreciate their courage, overcoming challenges and silent service to our country, which is why we designed a special Courage Coin that is presented in special events. The MCCG Children’s Courage coin was designed for kids and glows in the dark! Many children place their coin so they can see it every night glowing in the dark.

MCCG donates coins to children in attendance at the April the Month of the Military Child event. Military parents/ guardians observe their child receiving a coin in a military manner. The child is honored and their parent/ guardian are thankful and proud of their child presented the coin in a military secret handshake in honor of their service.

MCCG also donates coins to military branches that acknowledge the children for outstanding achievement in school.

You can help us to continue to honor military connected children, and say “Thank you for your silent service.” Your donations make a powerful impact on the life of a child. A Marine Veteran mom told us, “Your coin and recognition certificate has empowered my child to speak up and say, ‘I am serving this country too! ’.”

You can help us honor a military connected child today by donating to our Courage Coin Program

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Courage Coin Initiative

Courage Coin Initiative

Military Children's Collaborative Children’s Courage Coin was designed to honor military kids for their silent service.

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The Facts About Our System and Military Connected Children

Here at the Military Childrens Collaborative Group, we have several programs to provide assistance for children of those who serve in our armed forces. Each of these programs is designed to educate and support all children with loved ones serving our country. This includes those chidren who have parents or siblings on active duty, in the National Guard or Reserve, as well as children of military veterans.

Military Kids in a Classroom

Approximately 1.7 million military connected children are enrolled in our schools.

Very few teachers, counselors, or administrators have been trained on how military life can impact the child’s well-being and their success in school.

Two million children have experienced the deployment of a parent/guardian. Most of these children have experienced multiple deployments.

The Department of Defense and US Education have no method or system in place to identify where these children are enrolled in schools and exactly how many children are involved.

Most school districts nationally do not have student enrollment forms with questions requesting information on parents/guardian’s present military status.

Ready to take action and help us fund our programs as we improve the lives of children connected to the military?

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions you may have about the Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Courage Coin Initiative.

Military connected children connected by active duty, Guard, Reserves, Veteran, or Fallen can be recognized for their silent service to our country.

MCCG only presents the Military Children’s Courage Coin to our military connected children.

MCCG recommends you give the coin in a military secret hand shake.

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