About Our Awesome Collaborating Partners

We value the wisdom, guidance, and the collaborative support we receive from our Collaborating Partners.

In the beginning, we learned at military Yellow Ribbon events there were many organizations offering programs and services to active duty children, but not to those inactive. We knew we had to raise awareness of the needs of all military connected children.

There were many nonprofits and organizations offering programs and services unable to connect their services military children. These organizations also had limitations on the demographics of a military connected child be it Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, Veteran and Fallen, with regional restrictions.

We wanted to bring a community together and gain support. We started by contacting regional and national Veteran’s and military family collaborative groups. We shared our focus, vision and began working together through a collaborative process. Many of our collaborating partners were unware of the military child’s needs. Comments were made such as “I only thought about what the service member was experiencing, never thought of what their child was going through.”

Next, we contacted government officials requesting their support to address the needs of military children. Through collaboration we could explore how they could help their military families within their community and leverage their resources for assistance.

Military Childrens Collaborative Group set out to survey what services and programs were currently being offered, meeting with other organizations to learn about their programs such as:

  • Were they serving all military connected children?
  • What were the details of their services they provide?
  • How did their programs engage the children?
  • What age groups?
  • Where were the programs located?

Our Collaborating Partners have helped us achieve many of our goals, including creating April the Month of the Military Child recognition events. We have shared our mission and vision to improve the lives of military children by working with school districts, universities, local, state and national government officials, and collaborating with children’s and faith based organizations to expand our programs. In just the past few years, MCCG has rolled out Salute Our Kids, Count Our Kids, Scouting Patch, Courage Coin Initiative, and assisted with the creation and launch of the MilTeenChat App.

Our Collaborating Partners have been encouraging, informative and supportive. As we grow, we look forward to expanding our collaborating efforts and reach. If your organization has a program for a military connected child we want to know about it. Please contact us here.

Our Collaborating Partners

Navy Region Southwest Fleet & Family Support Naval Base San Diego

Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America

Orange County Department of Education

Orange County Veterans & Military Families Collaborative

Reserve Officers Association of the United States

San Diego Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer’s Veteran and Military Advocate Office

San Diego Military Families Collaborative

State of California Department of Veteran Affairs/Woman Deputy Secretary Lindsey Sin

UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center – FOCUS – Early Childhood for Military and Veteran Families Program

Uniformed Services University

U.S. Department Veterans Affairs

U.S. Department of Education

University of Pittsburgh

University of Southern California School of Social Work

The USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families

White House Faith Based Community Partners

Wives of War

The Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Goal is to Provide:



To improve present policies that often ignore the ones who silently serve our country.



Educating the public and organizations on the unique culture of children living a military life.



Engaging the children by offering programs to improve self awareness and empowerment.



Connecting local communities & their programs/services to military-connected children and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions you may have about the Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Collaborating Partners.

MCCG tries not to duplicate what other organizations have for existing programs and services. Our focus is on school age children 5-18 yrs. of age.

We receive inquires for services we do not provide.

We are happy to connect a military family with a partner that offers services they need.

We meet with community partners and discuss our goals and programs determining how we can work together to achieve the same common goal.

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