Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Advisory Board

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    Our Advisory Board is a valuable asset to our Board members. The Board Advisors consist of military connected youth and adults, and experts in education, children’s and faith based organizations, medical and social welfare, who want to make a difference in the lives of military connected children. We are fortunate to have professionals from various fields provide valuable insight for MCCG to create programs with high impact and are mutually beneficial.

    Our Education Advisors were instrumental at helping our Board develop the appropriate programs such as Count our Kids, and Salute our Kids and develop toolkits and resource guides specifically designed for teachers, counselors, principals and administrators to better support the military child in their schools. Our Advisors assist us in connecting with valuable decision makers where we can offer awareness and support.

    Our military connected Youth Board Advisors and Ambassadors provide critical perspective and insight of military culture and the mindset of a military child. They share the current issues for us to better understand challenges of different age groups, and the needs they face daily. Our Youth Board Advisors and Ambassador have been participated in numerous events engaging military connected children. They were invited by the University of Pittsburgh in a major initiative to assist in developing an App by participating as in a workshop, facilitating engagement of military teens, presenting and sharing their experiences with other military other military children. They were asked to continue their participation with the development and beta testing of the MilTeenChat App and release.

    We encourage you to consider becoming and Advisor, if you are in education, in a children’s organization, medical field, faith based, and want a difference by improving the lives of military connected children. Contact us here or fill out an advisory board member application.

  • MCCG Advisory Board Ivie Caldwell

    Ivie Caldwell


    Ivie is a 2019 Purdue University graduate.

    Ivie’s parents - her mother served 23 years in the Air Force and is now retired. Her father and stepfather are currently serving in the military. Ivie faced many challenges as a military connected child, including multiple moves, parent separation, and living with guardians during her mother’s deployment to Afghanistan.

    Ivie is the co-author of a book “Deployed Kids - How We Survived Our Mom’s Deployment!” She shares tips for kids on how to cope when a parent deploys, what to expect, and what to do dealing with the separation.

    Ivie began supporting military connected families by speaking at Yellow Ribbon events, sharing how she dealt with her mother’s pre-deployment, deployment and reintegration. She offers helpful tips on ways she stayed connected with her parent during deployment, and what to expect when the parent returns.

    Ivie is a MCCG Board Advisor and Ambassador. She volunteered her time to assisting the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, with the creation, development and testing of an app for military connected children as a presenter in focus groups with military teens. The MilTeenChat app was launched in 2017.

  • Advisory Board Bailey Caldwell

    Bailey Caldwell

    Youth Advisor

    Bailey is a student at San Diego State University. Bailey’s mother served 23 years in the US Air Force, now a retired veteran. Her father and stepfather are currently serving in the United States military. Bailey faced many challenges as a military-connected child, including multiple moves, parent separation, and living with guardians during her mother’s deployment to Afghanistan.

    Bailey, her sister, and grandmother wrote a book together to help military connected children cope with deployment. “Deployed Kids - How We Survived Our Mom’s Deployment!” contains actual quotes and experiences from Bailey and her sister, to help other children cope, and not to be afraid if and when their parent deploys.

    Bailey was selected as a finalist for Operation Home Front Military Child of the Year 2012, representing the US Air Force. She was selected for her efforts of volunteering in the community and military events, bravely sharing her personal story.

    In 2014, Bailey was invited to the Reserves Officers Chapter Annual Chapter meeting in California. Bailey shared her story, and autographed copies of her book for those in attendance. A UCLA representative attending the event informed Bailey that her autographed copy will be placed in the UCLA Library.

    Bailey was a presenter at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing & MCCG’s Military Teen APP Workshop. She works closely with the App developer Pt. Pal, and MCCG testing the MilTeenChat app. She is involved with the App launch, and the distribution of the worldwide MilTeenChat App.

  • advisory-board-rick-riegel

    Rick Riegel M.A., MFT, PPS

    Education Advisor


    Rick is the Administrator of Student Services at the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. He started in Placentia-Yorba Linda in January 2015. Prior to that, he was Coordinator of Student Services at the Orange County Department of Education for over 5 years and Coordinator of Counseling and Child Welfare and Attendance at Centralia School District for 9 years. Riegel was instrumental in the creation of the first Orange County military self-identifier for school forms, creating an internal volunteer school district’s military liaison, and the collaborative effort and development of MCCG’s toolkit for Principals.

    He began his work with youth as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist and was Director of Outpatient Services at Straight Talk, Inc., during 17 years working there. He is the President Elect of the California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance, Southern Section. He is married to his wife Pamela for 37 years and has 3 grown sons and a granddaughter.

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Find answers to questions you may have about the Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Advisory Board.

We look for experts in their field such as educators, school administrators, principals, school superintendents, school district administrators, military service members, military teens, social workers, government agencies, and medical field specialist.

Our advisor work on special projects where we need their insight. We usually communicate via email or on the conference calls.

To become an Advisory Board member or volunteer, please contact us by email or download and fill out an application.

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