About the Military Childrens Collaborative Group

“MCC Group is more than just a non-profit, we are a movement to help military connected children who serve and sacrifice.”

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    How Our Movement to Help Military Connected Children Began

    MCC Group Founder, Debbie Nichols came to understand the impact of deployment on children by living it. The experience changed her life.

    In 2008 Debbie’s daughter was deployed to Afghanistan. Overnight, she and her husband Alan became full-time guardians of her daughter’s two out of state, school aged children. The responsibility was overwhelming and demanding; Debbie quickly discovered she was on her own by finding a complete lack of support and or resources to guide her. Upon her daughter’s return, she felt she had to do something! Debbie set out to support other military families who found themselves in the same situation by writing a book and starting a blogsite. She expanded efforts by volunteering at Yellow Ribbon events, donating her book, and reaching out to interested individuals and groups.

    Eventually Debbie’s granddaughters were inspired to share their experience with other kids whose parents were deployed. Together they wrote their book “Deployed Kids, How We Survived Our Mom’s Deployment”. Debbie and her granddaughters, Ivie and Bailey, shared their story covering moving out of state and into their grandparent’s home, going to a new school with no other military kids to relate to, sharing ways to support your parent on a deployment and what to expect when your parent returns a changed person. The first book of its’ kind to offer coping tips to military kids and their families - from military kids.

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    MCC Group Visits the White House: Our Big Turning Point

    In 2011 Debbie was invited to the White House Faith Based Community Leaders briefing to share her story. She met with many officials including folks from The Department of Education. Taking advantage of an amazing opportunity, Debbie was able to highlight the unique needs of military connected children - offering suggestions and ways to support the children in our schools. Returning home, she set out to champion the cause of military-connected children at the community level - engaging mayors, educators and community leaders. The outcome: forming a nonprofit called Military Childrens Collaborative Group (MCC Group), with her granddaughters by her side.

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    Our Mission: Advocating for Military Connected Children

    MCC Group began advocating for all children connected to the military including Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Veteran - each one having their own unique needs. MCCG believes children living a military lifestyle need support throughout their parent’s career even after their separation from the military.

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    Our Focus & Goal: To Raise Awareness and Provide Resources

    MCCG’s focus is to educate schools, children’s organizations, healthcare providers, faith-based organizations, government officials and community leaders on the needs of children connected to the military.

    Acknowledging a child for their silent service, for their personal sacrifices, courage, and continued support to their loved one serving our country is a core aspect of the education MCCG provides. In addition, we’re supporting the children by developing unique programs to improve their behavioral health and gain self-empowerment.

    MCCG’s goal is to identify the gaps in support and to fill that need. MCCG uses a multi-faceted approach: collaborating with experts in their field, evaluating the current need(s), developing a meaningful program, Beta testing the program and making enhancements prior to releasing, and creating a Program Blueprint to be replicated to insure sustainability. We strive create original, proprietary programs.

The Military Childrens Collaborative Group’s Goal is to Provide:



To improve present policies that often ignore the ones who silently serve our country.



Educating the public and organizations on the unique culture of children living a military life.



Engaging the children by offering programs to improve self awareness and empowerment.



Connecting local communities & their programs/services to military-connected children and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have many opportunities available where you can participate and make a difference to a military child!

To become a Board member or volunteer, please contact us at +1-714-536-6184, email or download and fill out an application.

We match you with your interest and time availability.

We believe everyone has a special skill or interest, we want your time to be fun and rewarding.

You don’t have to be military connected to get involved with MCCG. In fact, we love those not connected but are interested in supporting our cause.

Most of our volunteers are not connected to the military. Our military kids so appreciate others wanting to support them!

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